Does Chafing itch?

<p> When we come to understand the reason of chafing, we conclude that chafing is an irritation of the skin that is an ongoing cycle of friction against the skin. It may be contracted through many body parts. The most common place that it is found is in the area of inner thighs, glutes, armpits, … Read more

Protect And Nourish Your Skin

With all the options on the market for dry, flaking skin suffering from poor care and chafing, few people realize that they may finally have relief without spending outside of their budget. Chafing can be a very painful issue, but thankfully, there's a cheap and time-tested product available for its relief–Vaseline, a familiar household product … Read more

Can chafing be mistaken for herpes?

While skin chafing and herpes may have multiple similar symptoms such as itching and red or pink patches of affected skin areas, they should be easily distinguished once one learns of their different symptoms and appearances. Skin chafing mostly present as pink/red, cracked sore patches with dried skin flakes. These patches may even bleed and … Read more

Where To Buy Chafing Cream

Many consider chafing to be a significant ailment faced by people. It is possible to sooth any pain from the site. Cream is perhaps the most popular choice for every day customers. It may be purchased from a store or ordered through a doctor's office. The cream has to be applied on the skin for … Read more


People who take part in sports always get injuries in the process which might remain as scars or marks on their skins. The marks will depend largely on the extent to which friction took place on the surface of the skin resulting in the injury. Chafing can lead to permanent marks on the body, this … Read more

Running and the Chafing Experience

<strong>A Common Occurrence</strong> There are many runners who experience a common occurrence. This is chafing. It is painful, common, aggravating, embarrassing and even preventable. Chafing is a common occurrence for many runners because sweat and skin rubbing together is a breeding ground for chafing. Runners and chafing do not necessarily need to be companions. This … Read more

Chafing Skin Can Lead to Blisters

When a person has skin that is chafing it is annoying and itchy. Chafing can also be painful. When a person notices this condition they need to make sure to treat it right away. If left untreated chafing can cause painful blisters and infections. A blister occurs when the layers of skin separate. The epidermis … Read more

Chafing Injuries

Chafing is one of the most unpleasant experiences around. It occurs when skin or other foreign objects rub against the skin. These injuries are due to friction. When two parts of the body rub back and forth continuously, it causes abrasion. This rubbing will eventually injure the skin. Friction will worsen when elements like heat, … Read more

Chafing Bumps

Chafing causes irritated skin, which entails, reddening, blisters, tenderness, and if left untreated, infection. The criminals in question at the moment are BLISTERS. <strong>Chafing Bumps</strong> If you have ever experienced chafing you have probably encountered this. First, your skin turns red. Then, little bumps start to form that seem to correlate with your hair follicles. … Read more

What Helps Chafing Balls

Chafing is very common and can be extremely painful, especially if it's on your testicles. Painful burning and stinging sensations are the most common symptoms along with unusual red raw looking skin. Which is caused by skin rubbing against clothing or other skin. Moisture from sweat or even rain can cause loosely fitting clothes or … Read more